What can I do to Help Save the OHV Program?

1) Find Your Legislator and send a polite letter.

          You can go to then click on them and it will take you to their website where you click on contact and just write. It's easy!

          Please write your own letter, it doesn't have to be long. Be respectful and concise. Explain what the OHV program means to you. You will be supporting   AB1077 (described below).

2) Sign up for Action Alerts.

          We recommend: Blue Ribbon Coalition -  Get the up to date information on what to do next.

          Or sign up for action alerts with the American Motorcyclist Association(AMA) or the California Off-Road Vehicle Association(CORVA).

IT'S critical now for CA OHV recreationists to engage in the battle to reauthorize the current OHV program (SB742).This is a very complex legislative process. The fight will occur in stages over the next few months. There is a total of nine different OHV-related bills that have been submitted to our California legislature in 2017.

SUPPORT - Assembly Bill 1077: This bill will eliminate the sunset date on CA’s OHV program.  Our state OHV program started in 1971, through the enactment of the Chappie-Z’berg Off-Highway motor Vehicle Law.  In 1982, the principals of the law were expanded upon enactment of the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Act.  Numerous amendments to the act have been enacted.  The current legislation regulating the OHV program, SB742, was passed nine years ago with a sunset (expiration) date of Jan. 1, 2018.  If no legislation is passed this year to change the expiration date, our state OHV program will no longer exist.  The future of our SVRA’s would be in question.  AB 1077 is a simple bill that if passed, would eliminate the sunset date completely.  Amendments to the OHV program could still be made each legislative year.

Say NO! to Senate Bill 249:  This bill makes major changes to the state OHV program, basically guts the current program, and will lead to failure of State OHV Parks, Forest Service and BLM riding grounds.

Thank you!   Hollister Hills Off-Road Association Board of Directors

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