Who We Are

HHORA is a cooperating association designed to support Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area. The Board of Directors is made up of volunteers that support and implement activities and events for the Association.  HHORA is dedicated to enhancing the experience of people visiting our park. HHORA assists the park in a wide variety of ways including holding special events for club members.

HHORA Board Members 2018

President: Pete Callies
Vice President: Danielle Garcia
Secretary: Margie Ghione
Treasurer: Allison Bagley
Rob Brown
Vonnie Douglas
Trevor Guerra
Dannie Snyder
Eric Von Urff
Kelley Ghione
Greg Ghione
Marshall Callies
Cathy Davies
Brad Riechers
Harry Tapley

Hollister Hills SVRA:
CAL: Cheryl Ashton
Volunteer Coordinator: Cheryl Ashton
Special Events: Chris Silverberg

Becoming a Board Member

Board Members are nominated and elected beginning October with voting in early December annually.

Board Member Requirements:
  • Must have current HHORA membership.
  • A minimum of a 1 year commitment to board membership
  • Attend and volunteer your time to at least 3 of the 4 HHORA events.
  • Attend at least 9 of the 12 monthly board meetings.
  • Committee Participation: Outside of monthly board meetings, may include active participation in committees such as Marketing, Operating, Resource, Finance, Program and Nominating/Personnel.

Board Member inquires: Admin@hhora.org

Board Member Bios

Pete Callies: I have been a member since the the early 90s. I am a former member of the park patrol. Hollister is one of the best places to ride and I hope to help keep it that way. Tread lightly and have fun.

Danielle Garcia: I’ve been riding motorcycles all of my life.  When I was 6 months old, my Dad strapped my car seat to his street bike and we never looked back.  I started racing in 1994, and in 1996 I became the first youth ambassador for HHORA.  I raced the District 36 races for a few years in the late 90's and early 00's.  I came back to HHORA after a bunch of pretty pleases and joined the board.  Now I’m all in!  My goal is to make sure that HHORA is around for the next generation of kids.

Margie Ghione: I first started riding on the street with a learners permit when I was 15 and got my license when I was 19, but I really learned to ride a motorcycle in the dirt at age 34. In 1988 my husband Topper decided to teach all four of our kids, ages 6 to 12, and me to ride at Hollister Hills. I'm sure glad he did, it was fun and great for our family. All our kids grew up at Hollister Hills riding and working for the store or the Park, and they still are HHORA volunteers. All four kids also raced District 36 Hare Scrambles and we spent many holidays riding at other State, Forest, and BLM OHV areas. Both Topper and I were on the Volunteer Patrol for years and also coached some of the first Off-Road PAL/MSF classes. We both were on the Renz Trails Committee from start to finish. I was elected to the HHORA Board about twenty years ago and have served on it ever since then. I've held the position of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and am currently the Secretary. I have attended a California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) workshop, and a class on Non-Profit Corporations/Cooperative Associations.  I was appointed to the Hollister Hills Advisory Committee in Jan 1996 and hopefully will continue to serve on it until it is no longer needed. I am seeking reelection to the Board so that I may continue to help HHORA achieve its goals that benefit all the users of Hollister Hills SVRA.

Vonnie Douglas: I have been on the Board for several years. I used to sell T-Shirts until we got an outside vendor. I have helped at H.H.O.R.A. races since 1993. Currently I see to the lunch supplies and assembling between 50 to 55 Volunteer lunches for each race. I also help with folding banners etc and clean up the area after the events. I will continue to help even if I am not re-elected.

Dannie Snyder: I have been on the Board of Directors of Hollister Hills Off-Road Association since 1993. I was also active on the Board starting in 1990 when I first learned to dirt bike ride. I am still actively riding. In the past I have held the office of Treasurer for many, many years as well as Secretary and Memberships. I have been in charge of memberships ever since then.  You will always see me at the sign-up table of all the events. Plus I’m out in the infield with a yellow flag when needed. I retired from CAL FIRE in 2010 after being Secretary for 19 years in the Santa Clara Unit HQ in Morgan Hill. I’m proud to be a part of this great organization and will continue to support it, all that I can

Eric Von Urff: I have been an active board member for approx. 2 yrs. Before that I have helped with the HHORA races for a couple of years. My history with motorcycles goes way back into the 70's, starting with a mini bike and growing into many other motorcycles, I spent many years racing District 36 events and riding the Sierra's and other Western States. My kids have all grown up riding at Hollister Hills and participated in the races here. I always appreciated the friendly helpful attitude here and have many memories at Hollister both family and race related. I believe our sport is a great way to relax and teach children many of life's lessons. That is why I now like helping others enjoy the sport, and giving back to the sport I enjoy.

Robert Brown: I am a HHORA board member, and have been since 2009. I have been riding at Hollister Hills since the 70’s where my family would go to camp at the Upper Ranch on the weekends. Back then, the Upper Ranch was a riding area. I am also currently a volunteer first responder at the park. I grew up in San Carlos, moved to Redwood City for several years before settling in Hollister in 1997.  I have two OHV children, Cloe12, and Carson, 9. They are both enthusiastic about riding, and look forward to years of riding at the park. I thoroughly enjoy volunteering my time for HHORA, especially the setups for our three yearly events at the grand prix/ upper ranch area, as well as the rummy run that runs through the park every year. I like to think of that event as our “get to know us event” where most of our board members are available to the public to answer questions about membership, events, riding, or just to talk.  We are pretty good at that.  For me, being a board member is, and has been a very rewarding experience. I look forward to the future of HHORA.

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